Shortly before Jesus went to the cross we find him doing something that is quite remarkable. In the upper room before they broke bread, Jesus took a basin of water, wrapped himself in a towel, and began to wash the feet of the disciples (even Judas, who would betray him). Here we have the anointed King and the only begotten Son of God, who stoops low and takes upon a task that is meant for the lowest of servants. Jesus was modeling what he told his disciples many times before, “If you wish to be great, make yourself the least.” Service is the overflow of discipleship.

Connecting through service is motivated by our King who made himself low in order to reconcile us to the Father. God spared no expense in reaching us, nor should we spare any expense in meeting the needs of those within the church and outside the church.

How does Coggin nurture connection through service? This is accomplished through encouraging our people to volunteer their time with various community events (Fall Festival, Family Outdoor Expo), our Awana children’s program, our 180 youth program, Love Brownwood Open Gym, our ESL courses, teaching a Sunday School class, Celebrate Recovery, or our Choir/Music Ministry. While we offer several ministry and service opportunities, we invite our members to be creative and seek to meet needs that aren’t being met. If you need help discerning your gifting, we offer an online assessment that's meant to be a tool to help you discover your gifting. Upon completing this assessment, you'll have immediate access to your results and a copy will be sent to Bill Allen, Associate Pastor of Recovery. He, along with Daniel Attaway, are available to help you discern your gifting and where you might best plug in to serve the body of Christ.