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Men's Fraternity Begins
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Men's Fraternity Begins

Cost: $10 for Book

The beginning of our third and final year of the Men's Fraternity Curriculum by Robert Lewis is rapidly approaching. We will begin year three, entitled The Great Adventure on September 9th at our regular 6:00AM time. We'll have breakfast as usual, and maybe even have a little more than the typical donuts and coffee. 

There is a great epidemic among men in our day. It may not be what you think. It's not being a workaholic or a porn-addict. However, I believe the epidemic feeds these sins and others. The epidemic that plagues many men today... is boredom. A bored man is a dangerous man. Boredom stems from purposelessness and this year Robert Lewis will be helping us break free from the bondage of boredom and rediscover the exciting life God has created us for. 

The Fall semester will begin on September 9th and conclude November 18th.

For more info, contact Daniel Attaway

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