Love Brownwood is an outreach ministry to our local families living in the neighborhoods around the church campus. 

Our vision is to restore hope and wholeness through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Love Brownwood is a ministry of the local church focused on serving those outside the walls of our church in the shadow of our steeple and throughout Brownwood. Our goal in everything we do is to address the deeper need for being made whole through Jesus Christ. God is for family and designed it to glorify him, so our goal is to see families thrive as they seek Christ together and use their talents and abilities to bring him glory. As we look at the four foundational relationships for each person: relationship with God, with self, with others, and with the rest of creation, we ask the question, how can we be agents of Christ reconciliation in our community? It is through this lens and with intentionality that we plan the events and activities listed on this page. 

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Chris & Amanda Stuard