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Community is formed by serving and spending time together. In addition to our large group times of studying the word, we value time where we just get to play and be together. These are events we encourage people to come participate in and to invite their friends.


It's kill or be killed in this game of Murder in the Dark. Twice a semester, we get together, kill the lights, and break everyone up into two groups - citizens and killers. Through a series of game play and jury sessions, the citizens try to identify and execute the killers before they take everyone out. It's a BLAST and everyone usually comes out for this.


College life is fun, but sometimes you just have to hit the books. Study Hall is an event we do the Sunday before finals. We feed everyone and provide a place for students to study from 8pm - 12am. At some point, we take a study break and play a game to let everyone recharge. We also offer a coffee bar that is open, with two baristas who provide custom coffee drinks. At midnight, we shut it down and send you home to get some rest, and so that you can ace those exams.


Come root for your team! Each year, we throw the game up on the big screen and kick back to root for our team and trash talk. Party starts at kickoff and ends with a victor.


Every fall semester, we get together and just watch a movie. We provide popcorn and drinks. You just provide your face!


Every Halloween, our church hosts a Fall Festival for the community. Our college group has always been actively involved in volunteering to host one of more of the booths for the event. It's a great opportunity to serve alongside others and get to love the community in which God has placed us.