Fight Club Resources

At Coggin, we believe in the necessity of the church, each other, for the Spirit-filled life that Christ has redeemed us to walk in. This is why we are encouraging everyone to get plugged in to a Fight Club. These are small groups of 2-3, men with men and women with women, who come together for a two-fold purpose: to fight for faith and against sin. Click below to learn more.

After you've chosen your group and set a meeting time, you might be thinking, "What next?" When you come together, remember the grid for discussion is Text-Theology-Life. The best course of action is for your group to pick a book of the Bible and read through it.

When you come together, ask questions that try to unpack the Gospel truths presented. What is being said about God? What attribute of God is being highlighted here? What is being said about man? What does this say about our sin, our plight, and our redemption? How does this foreshadow, display, or unpack the person and work of Jesus Christ? These are by no means the limit, but when we talk about Gospel truths, we mean those things that pertain to all mankind and are centered on the the Good News of Jesus Christ.

As you discuss these things, you ask questions that pertain to your specific situation. How do the truths presented here speak to my struggle with sin, my victories, or my trials? What is the Spirit calling me to believe about God and His word? What is the Spirit calling me to believe about myself in light of Him? What conviction is the Spirit working in my soul? 

As you voice your struggle with sin, be specific. It simply isn't effective to say, "I struggle with sins of pride." What particular sins do you entertain? When do you entertain those sins? Why do you believe you entertain those sins? What Gospel promises are you actually rejecting when you entertain those sins? How is Jesus better than the sins we entertain.

Satan is crafty in that he appeals to our desires—so when we discuss our sins, we must get to the root cause, not simply the fruit that hangs on the limb that's connected to the trunk that springs from the root. 


We understand that you may need some guidance along the grid of Text-Theology-Life, so here are some suggested materials that we will add to as we become aware of more.

1) The Bible. I realize that this may sound like a given, but it's so easy for us to move quickly from the Bible to a study or commentary on what someone else has to say about the Bible. Spend the bulk of your time chewing on the passage that your group has agreed on. A good study Bible with Gospel connections and theological notes would be helpful. The ESV Study Bible is an excellent choice. 

2) Gospel-Centered Discipleship by Jonathan Dodson. Pastor Jonathan is the one who gave us the vision for Fight Clubs and helped us think through some of the biblical, theological, and philosophical points of discipleship. This book would add more understanding regarding where we (the leadership) are hoping to lead our community.

3) Know the Bible Series by Crossway Publishers. These are 12 week studies done on various books of the Bible that aren't meant to be commentaries, but pointed discussion questions on the theology and application of the books. Because they are 12 weeks in duration, they are more focused on big picture and broad brush glances at the books they cover. 

Remember, these groups are meant to be simple. God has freely given us his Spirit, His Word, and His people to help us fight for faith and against sin. If you will keep these core tenants as the foundation of your Fight Club, then your group will fight well. Fight for one another and point each other to Jesus!